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Freshly Harvested Live Harpacticoid Copepods – 350ml

Enhance the vitality of your aquarium with our freshly harvested live copepods! These tiny, nutrient-packed creatures are a fantastic addition to any marine or reef tank, providing natural food for your corals, fish, and other aquatic inhabitants.

Cultivated in a premium, nutrient-rich saltwater environment, ensuring effortless acclimation to your refugium, sump, or display tank.

Product Details:

● Volume: 350ml of Live Copepods

● Harvested Fresh for Optimum Quality

● Tailored for Marine and Reef Aquariums

Additional Information on Nutritional Benefits

● Proteins: Copepods are a valuable source of protein, essential for the growth and development of various marine organisms, especially fish larvae.

● Fatty Acids: They contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for the health of fish and other aquatic animals.

These fatty acids play a role in immune function and can contribute to the well-being of organisms in the ecosystem.

● Vitamins: Copepods provide essential vitamins necessary for the metabolic processes of marine life, promoting overall vitality.

● Minerals: They contain minerals that contribute to the mineral balance in the aquatic environment, benefiting the organisms that rely on them for nutrition.

● Carotenoids: Copepods often contain pigments like astaxanthin, a carotenoid with antioxidant properties. This

can enhance the coloration of certain marine species, including ornamental fish.

● Chitin: The exoskeleton of copepods is made of chitin, a complex carbohydrate. While not a nutrient for all

organisms, it can still contribute to the overall structure of the ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What genus of copepods do you sell?

We offer copepods from the Tisbidae Harpacticoid genus.

2. How long will they survive in a sealed bottle? Typically, copepods can survive for about 4-7 days in a

sealed bottle. Due to the high packing density, oxygen depletion occurs relatively quickly, especially in warmer temperatures.

3. How many copepods will be in the bottle?

On average, each bottle contains 2000-3000 copepods. This estimate is based on a 1ml sample head count multiplied by 350ml.

4. How much movement should I suspect?

It varies, adults will move around quite a lot, copedites and nauplius will oscillate around the bottle in a group, eggs you may not even be able to distinguish with the naked eye and will require a microscope.

5. What should I expect my bottle to contain?

The bottles include all life stages, from Eggs and Nauplius to Copedites and Adults. While adults may be visible to the naked eye with proper lighting, nauplius stages require a microscope for observation. It’s not important for a bottle to be packed full of adults, as some may be at the end of their life cycle and may not even be capable of producing any more eggs; what is important is that the bottles are mixed with all generations of pods.

6. Can I refrigerate my bottles?

While refrigeration can reduce the rate at which copepods consume oxygen, we do not recommend it. Refrigeration significantly diminishes the likelihood of breeding and population growth. It is advised to remove the lid and place the bottle in an environment with a temperature of 25-28 degrees Celsius.

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