Illumagic – 150cm Vitamini Strip Lights


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What’s in the box:

1 x Illumagic Vitamini LED

1 x Power cord 

1 x Power supply

Massive spread, and amazing blues.

The Illumagic Vitamini Strip LED Bar is here to transform your aquarium into a professional masterpiece. Designed with the utmost precision and innovation, this cutting-edge lighting solution will bring your corals and aquatic plants to life like never before. With massive spread, you can now blanket your tank with color and pop that will take your coral viewing experience to the next level. 

Deepest blues

The rich and deep blue spectrum of the Illumagic Vitamini Strip LED Bar will transform your aquarium instantly. Watch in awe as the ethereal blue light dances across your corals, highlighting their natural beauty and revealing hidden nuances. This stunning blue hue replicates the depths of the ocean, creating an ambience that captivates both you and your aquatic inhabitants.

Massive UV

Unveil the Mysteries of UV: The Illumagic Vitamini Strip LED Bar features UV LEDs that emit a subtle and enchanting ultraviolet glow, revealing the hidden details and intricate patterns of your corals. Watch as fluorescent pigments within your corals come alive under the Illumagic UV. The UV spectrum adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to your aquarium, creating an awe-inspiring visual spectacle.

Perfection in spectrum

Illumagic LEDs are meticulously engineered to provide a customized spectrum tailored to the specific needs of plants or corals. By fine-tuning the wavelengths emitted by the LEDs, Illumagic creates a lighting solution that closely replicates the natural light conditions found in coral reefs and local rivers and lakes. This precision spectrum stimulates the photosynthetic processes of your corals, encouraging robust growth and vibrant coloration.

Zero heat emission

HEAT KILLS. The Vitamini has a near 1% loss of energy to heat so you know you’re getting a pure, unadulterated spectrum. Does your LED have burnt lenses and loss of power? Remember, heat kills your LEDs and slowly affects your coral and plant growth over time. Stay cool, choose Vitamini.

2 Perfected Spectrums

Choose between 2 different spectrums Fragger (super blue) and Aquascaper (freshwater). As mentioned above, perfectly engineered, perfectly measured. 

Endless mounting options

Endless accessories and mounting options. Whether you're an avid Illumagic fan already, or whether you have an existing light or rail system from another brand. We have the solution for you below. 


Key Features

Massive UV and deepest blues

Perfectly measured spectrum

Zero heat emisison

2 perfected spectrums

Optional dual and triple power supply 

Optional 24 hour programming device

Endless mounting options

Blanket spread across any tank


Dimensions – All lengths 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 

Dimensions – Width x Height = 4.49cm x 3.47cm

Power Consumption – 28W, 36W, 50W, 72W, 86W

Power Cable Length – 3.8m

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